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AutoFEM Analysis Lite Description:

AutoFEM Analysis Lite is a free system of finite-element analysis. The main feature of the system is its deep integration with AutoCAD.
By using AutoFEM Analysis Lite an user of AutoCAD gets possibility solve the problem of finite-element modelling of various physical phenomena:
- static analysis (calculations on the strength of structures);
- calculation of the first natural frequency of structure;
- calculation of critical load (the stability of the system);
- thermal calculations and other tasks.
General algorithm of working with AutoFEM Analysis is the following:
First, the user must create three-dimensional (3D) model of the product in the AutoCAD environment.
Then, without leaving AutoCAD, user creates a problem of finite-element analysis so called as a "Study".
The model is loaded into the preprocessor AutoFEM which is fully integrated into AutoCAD.
By using the Preprocessor the user specifies the external and internal parameters of the simulated physical phenomena (finite-element mesh, boundary conditions, materials, etc.) and transmits the "Study" in Processor of AutoFEM Analysis.
Processor of AutoFEM Analysis performs assembling and solution of systems of algebraic equations in accordance with the finite element method. In the AutoFEM Analysis Postprocessor the user performs an analysis of the results and the formation of the accompanying documents - reports, video, avi, etc.
Thus AutoCAD users are able to perform the finite-element analysis in the usual and familiar for them software environment.
AutoFEM Analysis Lite has certain limitations in the computing functionality compared with the commercial version.


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