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Carbon Footprint Calculator Description:

In order to lower your carbon footprint and help the environment, you need to understand what it is and where you can make improvements. Carbon Footprint Calculator can help you do just that. You can enter detailed data about your everyday lifestyle and the software will figure out your carbon footprint. For example, you can enter in your transportation, what you do for recreation, what and how much you eat, how much trash you generate, your purchasing habits, etc. The software will then show you how much CO2 each of these items generates as well as your overall carbon footprint. Then you can focus on the major impact items and work to get your overall carbon footprint down. In order to figure your carbon footprint the calculator figures in various items. For example, to figure your transportation CO2 usage you can enter in up to six vehicles along with their gas mileage, as well as how much you fly, ride the train, and ride the bus. To figure your energy footprint you fill out your electricity usage, fuel oil, natural gas, where you live, and how many people live in your dwelling. All these factors and more go together in calculating your carbon footprint. The software is free to download and use so figure your carbon footprint and start conserving today.


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