CryptaPass For Windows

Size: 4.92 MB
License: Shareware
Price: 26.99 USD
Operating System: Windows XP

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CryptaPass For Windows Description:

Are you re-using the same few passwords for all of your password protected websites and applications? Are you keeping track of your passwords and other sensitive information in an unprotected, unencrypted file? Are you finding it difficult to create and remember strong passwords that are difficult to crack? If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions then CryptaPass is for you!
CryptaPass will make it easily for you to generate strong passwords and keep your sensitive records in a safe, encrypted place.
CryptaPass will also make it easy to use your login information by simply dragging & dropping it into your applications or protected websites.
-Password file is encrypted using 128-bit Microsoft SqlCE Encryption Technology.
-Easily generates strong passwords .
-Quick search function to find the sensitive login information that you would like to access.
-The website that you wish to access will open when you click the EZLogin box button.
-Drag your user name into user field, drag your hidden password into password field and securely enter a Website or Application.
-Easily choose to show or hide (******) your passwords for added security.
-Easily Sort, Filter and Group your sensitive records.
-CryptaPass will automatically shutdown if not being used after a number of minutes that you can set, from 10 to 180 minutes.
-30-day trial period.
-30-day money back guarantee.
-Email and Phone support.


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